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Sunday Worship @ 10AM

Small Groups

The intention for Small Groups (2017-2018 season) is to connect practical topics (preached in the morning service), with further discussion and application in the evening. Small Groups is an opportunity for adults of all ages to connect closer with the church and discuss topics of common concern and lend your voice to collective wisdom. This is why they are called "Life Groups." It is an opportunity to do life, and share our lives and thoughts with others. We don't all have to agree, but we should all seek to understand as to be understood. It is an opportunity to very practically put our lives under the Word of God.

Discussion Topics

Sunday, September 3 - "What Does the Bible Say About Work?"

Sunday, September 24 - "Sabbath: Made for Man, or Man for the Sabbath?"

Sunday, October 15 - "A Religious Life vs. A Gospel Life"

Sunday, October 29 - "Reformed: What It Is, Why It Matters"

Sunday, November 12 - "Stewardship: It Requires Risk"

Sunday, November 26 - "Spiritual Gifts"

Sunday, January 14 - "Pi2: Pray, Invest, Invite"

Sunday, January 28 - "Marriage, Sexuality, Singleness"

Sunday, February 11 - "Friendship"

Sunday, February 25 - "7 Deadly Sins"

Sunday, March 11 - "Media: How Do We Interact with It?"

Sunday, April 29 - "Church: For the Life of the World"