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Sunday Worship @ 10AM


Worship Services & All Ministries/Events Suspended

March 13, 2020

Worship is a fundamental piece of what we do together as a church community.  We deeply value the time we have together each and every Sunday morning to lift our voices together in praise of our Great God, and to hear his will for our lives.  Our Sunday gatherings are more than a time to worship, too.  These are also times for us to connect with one another, to care for one another, to band together to do and support ministry, and to bear witness to the life of Jesus among us.  Our Sunday gatherings are important, indeed!

However, we need to balance the importance of our gatherings with the safety and well-being of each person who enters our building, as well as those in our broader community.  With that in mind, and at the advice of our Provincial Government, the Cornerstone Council has decided to suspend our Worship Services and ALL Cornerstone ministries & events until further notice.   

How we worship over the next few weeks, and even months, will look very different. We will move to an "at home" worship model. Each week, on our website, we will upload an audio sermon as well as a "Worship @ Home" liturgy for you to use. The Worship @ Home info can be found HERE.

In all things, we trust in God’s faithfulness and providential care.  Therefore, we need not fear even in the face of this pandemic.  In fact, in times of uncertainty, the church has a unique opportunity to demonstrate the love of God to all around us. Here is a time where we can really help people See Jesus in profound ways. Our hope is that, as a community of faith, we can love one another and our neighbors well at this time of heightened anxiety and concern.

God’s blessings to you all!

On behalf of Council,

Mike Koot

Lead Pastor