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Sunday Worship @ 10AM

Small Groups

Small Groups is an opportunity for adults of all ages to connect closer with the church and discuss topics of common concern and lend your voice to collective wisdom. It is an opportunity to do life, and share our lives and thoughts with others. It is an opportunity to very practically put our lives under the Word of God.


2020 Small Groups During Covid

We would like to encourage small groups to begin meeting again, in a Covid-friendly manner. We’d like to remind groups that if they choose to meet in-person, they should do so following good Covid-19 protocols (physical distancing, meet outside if possible, not sharing food, frequent hand washing, etc.). There are also many electronic ways to meet up, so be creative on how to keep connected and study God’s Word together! 


The Life of David - Fall 2020 Series

Shepherd, hero, leader, hymn-writer, adulterer, and murderer – God chose a man who would fill all of those roles, and fit all of those descriptions to be King over Israel. David was his name. In spite of his flaws, God would use him powerfully in the history of His People. Eventually from this King would come the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. Throughout the Fall we’ll peer into the life of this imperfect King to see what it can teach us about life, faith, and living with our holy, covenant-making God.